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May 7, 2012

I became Catholic at Easter.

It was…awesome.  Honestly no other word works.

I love the Catholic faith.

Love it.

And I want to dive more into why I love it so much.

But tonight I’m writing about where I part ways with the Church.  It is about birth control, but not in the most conventional sense.  I actually agree almost fully with the churches teaching on birth control.  I think that the vast majority of married couples should be open to life.  I desperately wish I could be open to life…but I can’t.

My pregnancy almost killed me and my baby.  If I would get pregnant again, the chances would be worse for me and for my baby.

And I would gladly give my life for any of my children.  No question.

But, I will not give my life for the children that are not yet here.  Not yet conceived.  I won’t risk it.  The three children I have need a mother.  And I won’t risk leaving them.

I hope that at some point the Catholic church grants a dispensation to women like me who would likely die in subsequent pregnancies.  We are not sinning.  We are protecting our families.

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