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Five weeks in

August 22, 2012

I started homeschooling Buzzy during the summer because I wanted to make sure I *could* do it before I pulled her out of public school. Now of course I could do it, but sometimes it is hard to break from convention, especially for an ESFJ. Anywhoo, we are in the middle of our fifth week of homeschooling and I’m shocked how easy it is going so far.

She is easy to teach. She loves learning.

She already knew how to read when I started so I can just hand her a book and let her go to town.

She is apparently fairly brilliant at math too. I’m not bragging, it just is what it is.

And she loves it.

The biggest problem has been finding a homeschool social network. The state we live in is conservative, both politically and religiously. Many of the families who choose to homeschool are HUGE fans of Glenn Beck and the ever terrifying king of revisionist history David Barton. While I don’t want to keep my child completely sheltered from any group of people, I do want to insure that her main peer influences aren’t people from this school of thought. I would rather her be friends with only radically secular people than people who present false theology and dominionism as part of the gospel of Christ. I find their teachings hateful and incredibly dangerous.

So joining many of the large homeschool groups here in our state is out of the question.

And then I looked around at the people I loved. My friends. Most of my friends go to public school. They happily send their kids off in the morning to get an education. And that works for their family and I’m glad it does (and sometimes a little jealous) But I had a few friends who homeschool, who were normal people. And I started to connect. To arrange playdates and a history co-op. I found another friend who wants to do nature walks, hiking, and science experiments together.

My network isn’t as small as I had once feared.

And I might try and take the time at some point to rant about David Barton.


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