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12 weeks

October 14, 2012

I’m getting ready to start week twelve of my homeschool venture.

I have to admit I love it.

Like really really really love it.

But of course I still have those moments where I doubt I’m doing the right thing.  Are my kids getting socialized enough?  Sure we do lots of stuff with other kids, but the normal American kid gets sent to institutional school and that is the common experience that unites us.  Are my kids suffering because they are missing out on that? 

I tend toward the lazy.  Being a homeschool mom is tough because I have to insure that I’m not lazy.  That my kids are engaged and learning.  I’m not a mom who really agrees with “unschooling”   If I’m going to do this, it must be on the calendar and scheduled.

Am I messing up though?  Buzzy is not advancing in math as fast as I thought she would, and that is my weakest area.  Her reading is out of this world though.  Berry-boy isn’t reading as well as Buzzy was at this age, and I’m not convinced he really gets the concepts of numbers yet.  Am I failing him?  Stealthy doesn’t know the ABC song beyond H and can only say a few sentences.  I must be failing him too.

But the reality is we are happy.  Buzzy was so far advanced that she won’t suffer if it takes me a few months to get my sea legs.  Berry-boy has his own set of things going on and he is already starting to read and he probably does know his numbers but is unwilling or unable to give me that right now, and Stealthy is healthy and happy and talks a ton more than the other two did.  I shouldn’t worry.

We are good.


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